Spatial Design at AUT

School of Art + Design, AUT University, Auckland, NZ

Between Art + Architecture Research Cluster

Critical spatial practice, spatial arts, site specific, urban interventions, installation, moving image (installation), sound-scape, exhibition design, performance, informal architecture, speculative architecture, representations of space across contemporary art / visual culture / architecture.

The notion of between is not necessarily a leading edge concept. In fact the presence of a space between, or the interstitial as a human condition of experience, collected currency around the beginning of the 20th century with phenomenology and following this, post-structuralism. It has been a currency for the re-evaluation of lived experience based on shifting terrains that move further away from subject-object markers of fixity. In many ways, we observe that we are far from done with the in-between of human encounter. In fact, we could suggest that it is a condition having a palpable effect with respect to the multiplication of spatio-temporal (digitally) networked encounter — Are we anything but multiple? Are we anything but distributed? Are we anything but an experience between here and there? Ultimately the notion of the between is a relational activity.

The between of Art + Architecture embraces this relational legacy and furthers the discourse of these two ever expanding terms. In this sense our cluster aims at dis/locating the practices listed above as your research signals the ever-changing between-scape of contemporary spatial arts. The staff engaged in this research cluster bring a range of practical and critically based knowledge across art and architecture locatable in the collection of terms above. We believe each of these terms testifies to a rich and ongoing proximity between the worlds of art and architecture. Further it is precisely these terms that shape the practices of both architecture and the arts today. In this sense our cluster engages practices that work dynamically in relation to contemporary spatial dialogues.

BA+A Research Cluster Staff: Maria O’Connor, Sue Gallagher


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