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Joseph Becker Lecture on Lebbeus Woods

JosephBeckerLecture.Auckland JosephBeckerLecture.Auckland


Joseph Becker, Assistant Curator of Architecture and Design at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is giving a lecture next Thursday (8 Aug) at the Auckland Art Gallery on the work of the late conceptual architect Lebbeus Woods.


Moana Nepia graduates as Doctor of Philosophy from AUT

Moana Nepia graduates as Doctor of Philosophy from AUT

Moana’s PhD thesis, supervised by Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul, Welby Ings and Wiremu Kaa, explores Te Kore (nothingness, void and potentiality). His exegesis articulates the first creative practice-led PhD methodology rooted in mātauranga and tikanga Māori. The research generated national and international video screenings; an hour-long performance (ten performers, one Harley Davidson and one dog) ; a duet nominated as the most memorable dance event in New Zealand in 2012; and poetry published in a journal of contemporary Māori writing. Moana also received funding from Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga to publish all poems in the first volume of his exegesis.

The day after graduation Moana departs for Honolulu and a new position as Assistant Professor at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, where he will help to develop a new strand in art, culture and performance of the Pacific in the Centre for Pacific Island Studies. Moana looks forward to the opportunities this challenge will provide for future international collaboration, research and publication.

Moana’s exegesis, Te Kore – Exploring the Māori concept of void, is accessible at:

Transforming Topographies

Transforming Topographies

5th AUCKLAND TRIENNIAL The Lab | Project 4 | 2-21 July AUT University
Albert Refiti, Elvon Young, Lars Jerlach, Monique Redmond and Emily O’Hara will lead a team from AUT Spatial Design and Visual Arts exploring socio-cultural-politico ‘problematics’ within and around Auckland.

Tuesday 2 July – Sunday 21 July. A series of events; 21 days/ 80 participants/ 32 projects

Transforming Topographies is envisaged as a space of mergence, debate and negotiation. A space continuously dismantled, repositioned and energised by groups and individuals in conversation within a fluid and open state of oscillation. As a group of thinkers, collaborators, makers and designers we intend to rethink the role of ‘the social’ and ‘the public’ as real spaces of continuous exchange and encounter that engenders our imagination and community values.
In assembling the schedule of events for Transforming Topographies, the Project Leaders have developed a curatorial strategy, a diagrammatic system for grouping the projects; rocks, mist, firecrackers — designed to create a shifting platform of events and activity within The Lab. Rocks are the large-scale installation/ time-based projects that run for significant lengths of time, Mist are projects that occupy The Lab for short time frames or merge in and out of the space, and Firecrackers are one-off, one-day or pop-up events, often performative in nature. The aim is that the rocks, mist and firecrackers will merge and relate in interesting and unexpected forms.





Masks and props for a production of Noah’s Flood with NZ Opera.

A group of 20 Spatial Design students (from first to third year) work on masks and props for a production of Noah’s Flood with NZ Opera. The students worked with Jessika Verryt at the Opera Technical Workshop in Onehunga over two weeks to create masks for the show, which is being designed by Elizabeth Whiting (costume), John Parker (set) and directed by Julie Nolan.

2013 SPACE/Talk – Emerging Postgraduate Research in Spatial Design

2013 SPACE/Talk - Emerging Postgraduate Research in Spatial Design

Keynote address by Dr Chris Smith,
Associate Professor in Architectural Design and Techné,
The University of Sydney

24-25 June 2013

St Paul Street Gallery Three
AUT City Campus
39 Symonds Street (cnr. Mount Street)

Closing Celebration 5-7pm, Tuesday 25 June

Images from the Heard Park exhibition Year 1, Spatial Design (29th Sept, 2012), Parnell.


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Heard Park Exhibition