Spatial Design at AUT

School of Art + Design, AUT University, Auckland, NZ

First Year

Core Studio

Core Studio is the first studio paper you will do at AUT Spatial Design. You will be introduced to studio work processes, methods of representation, site analysis, and developing a concept spatially. All the first years work together, and you’ll get a taste of the different areas of Spatial Design that you might be working in.


Core Theory

Theory papers explore ideas around design and critical context for design. Core Theory introduces you to the language of spatial theory, and integrates closely with your work in Core Studio.


Introduction to Spatial Computing

Digital skills are now essential in all areas of Spatial Design practice and research. In Introduction to Spatial Computing, you will work with 2D image-making, and 3D digital modelling using Rhinoceros 3D. Core Studio will rely on some of the capabilities you learn in this paper.


Creative Process

Drawing is a fundamental design tool for presentation, but also for thinking. In Creative Process you’ll be working with the hand-drawing and communication skills you’ll need for Core Studio and the rest of your study.


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