Spatial Design at AUT

School of Art + Design, AUT University, Auckland, NZ

Studying Spatial Design

Our design approach is strongly driven by ideas and theoretical insights. We aim to bypass clichés and creatively question the conventions of interior, event, architecture, landscape, performance, furniture, urbanism and art. We foster hands-on, studio-based learning and experimentation with emergent technologies, full-size prototypes, installations, furniture, modelling, moving image and a range of graphic and computer skills. Because our staff are active researchers, often with many years in design practice, we are well-placed to deliver not just vital industry skills, but the creative capacity to thrive within the changing world of spatial design. Many of our graduates work in the field of interior architecture. Others pursue work in scenography or performance design, the creation of exhibitions and events, furniture design or virtual environments. Students keen to pursue careers in these areas will commonly continue on into postgraduate study. A one-year Honours degree in Spatial Design, or a two-year Masters degree, will extend your abilities and allow you to specialise in particular areas of practice or research.


Interior architecture

Exhibition or event design

Performance or set design

Design for public spaces and the built environment


In studio papers, beginning with Core Studio, students learn conceptual and design development, and communication. After the first semester, students can choose from a number of studio Units, each working with a specific design problem. In theory papers from Core Theory onwards, students study the ideas of others, and develop skills in critical analysis as they read and write theoretically. Technology papers, beginning with Creative Process and Introduction to Computing, focus on the tools designers use, beginning with fundamental skills in drawing and computing.

115002 Introduction to Spatial Computing 15 points
115003 Spatial Design Studio II 30 points
115024 Creative Process 15 points
115100 Core Studio Art and Design 30 points
115101 Core Theory Art and Design 15 points
115141 Spatial Design Theory I 15 points
Total points for the year 120 points

116017 Spatial Design Studio IIB 30 points
116018 Advanced Spatial Computing 15 points
116019 Contemporary Spatial Design Practice 15 points
116105 Spatial Design Studio IIA 30 points
116106 Spatial Design Theory II 15 points
116200 Elective Project 15 points
Total points for the year 120 points

117011 Spatial Design Studio IIIB 30 points
117012 Contextual Research 15 points
117013 Construction Technology 15 points
117301 Professional Practice 15 points
117342 Spatial Design Studio IIIA 30 points
117341 Spatial Design Theory III 15 points
Total points for the year 120 points


Spatial Design is a department of AUT University’s School of Art+Design. You can apply for the Bachelor of Design (Spatial Design) here, at AUT’s main site. If you are interested in postgraduate courses, see the ‘Postgrad’ link at the top of this page, or click through directly to apply for the Honours and Masters programmes.