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More on Postcards for Christchurch

Early in 2011 postgraduate and undergraduate Spatial Design students at the School of Art + Design were asked to format initial aspects of their studio design work into postcards that might be sent to Christchurch to express our sympathy and solidarity for the city in the wake of the earthquakes.

Studio Design projects within the Department for the semester had, coincidently, been organized around the theme of “retrofit” or “renovation” and it seemed that Christchurch sadly faced similar issues on an enormous scale.  Given the sense of shock felt by many of us, it seemed that a gesture was necessary to acknowledge the magnitude of the events there and the difficulties Cantabrians faced.  The project was conceived of as a way for students to focus their creativity to this end, and through the small, individual act of forming a postcard and writing a message, to collectively voice our support.

Restricted to a postcard-sized image, students interpreted this invitation in a number of ways, some utilising drawings and photographs of their different design projects, others choosing to formulate images specifically with Christchurch in mind.  Approximately 200 cards were produced and were exhibited briefly at the School of Art + Design in Auckland where those attending voted for their favourite.


After liaison with various people and organisations in Christchurch, the South Christchurch Library expressed an interest in exhibiting the postcards and Yosop Ryoo from Spatial Design flow down with the cards to install them.   Subsequent to their exhibition there we are hopeful that they will be shown at the Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology for a further period.

Spatial Design would like to acknowledge the wonderful support provided by Marion Parker and Clare Newton at the library, and also to AUT’s Printsprint, who generously participated in the project by providing the card and printing the postcards at a reduced rate for students.