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School of Art + Design, AUT University, Auckland, NZ

The Auckland Spatial Plan

The Auckland Plan, AKA the Auckland Spatial Plan, is a new document that the Auckland Council are producing. It will set out the city’s vision for the next thirty years. Lots of important decisions will be made about the future direction of the urban environment. For example:

– how should the city be designed?

– which parts of the city should become denser?

– how should we develop the waterfront?

– how should urban town centres be developed?

– how can the history of Auckland be preserved in the future?

Lots of the questions asked in the Auckland Plan are very relevant to us as Spatial Designers in Auckland. This is the most important urban design document of the next thirty years!

The Plan hasn’t been made yet, but the council has just released a discussion document that asks people to have their say on what the Plan should include and what it should say.

Download a copy of the discussion document here.

Visit the Auckland Council’s site here.