Spatial Design at AUT

School of Art + Design, AUT University, Auckland, NZ

Re-Imaginationland, Urban Studio Brief, 2011

Urban Strand, matter (Adrian McNaught + William Taylor + Jonathan Smith + John Holley)

primary aim:

creatively re-use an existing environment within the city for a new use, delivering a proposal that gives more than it takes.


the city is made of lost spaces, forgotten assets, ignored opportunities. the purpose of this unit is not only to find opportunities, but also to sell it to the community for the community; by defining it’s outcomes in innovative ways. resources are available and vacant all over the city centre, roads, railways, roofs, edges, spaces under, over and between. All offer opportunity, but need a reason.

the project brief is to create and deliver a quantitative formula that leads to an outcome presenting an opportunity that has a life beyond its creation.

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