Spatial Design at AUT

School of Art + Design, AUT University, Auckland, NZ

Ultralocal. Kaipatiki Project Environment Centre. Unit 2 Studio Brief 2011

Interiors Strand, Unit 2, Carl Douglas + Yosop Ryoo

‘Sustainability’ has become a buzzword for corporate Annual Reports. ‘Green design’ oftens seems to mean the same old junk in a brown box with leaves printed on it. ‘Environmentally-friendliness’ has been co-opted as a marketing strategy. But even as these terms become stale clichés, the question of our long-term relationship to air, water, soil, other humans, and nonhuman organisms is becoming more pressing.

The Kaipatiki Project is a community organisation that cares for a large area of native bush on the North Shore. Currently, it has a small nursery and runs workshops on composting, growing native plants, and controlling pollutants and pests. The Project have proposed a new Environment Centre sited on the reserve, intended to engage the public with this local pocket of wildness; and encourage them to engage together in environmentally responsible behaviours. The new Environment Centre needs to initiate fresh directions for the project, perhaps as a sanctuary for native wildlife, or as a hub with shared facilities for local community groups.

This project will be a joint venture with the University of Auckland School of Architecture, and is intended to culminate in a exhibition and publication of selected work. As Spatial Designers, our emphasis will be on creating environments for human relationships, not on external form. We will work from the direction of human experience, paying attention to detail, materials, time, and human relationships.

This project is in the Interiors Strand, and is only suitable for students with prior experience in Interiors or Urban Design units. Group work is encouraged.

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