Spatial Design at AUT

School of Art + Design, AUT University, Auckland, NZ

Public Rooms. Room for Voice. Unit 9 Studio Brief 2011


Urban Strand, Unit 9, Andrew Douglas + Kwong Vei Yong

This semester Unit 9 will address the debate centred on the future of the Women’s Suffragette Centenary Memorial (1893-1993), a tiled mural in Khartoum Place, Auckland City. It has become the central issue in formulating a redesign of this significant public space in preparation for the opening in September of the newly developed Auckland Art Gallery.

In this project you will undertake a redesign of Khartoum Place and provide a ‘forum’ for voice – in other words a speaking venue – or alternatively a performance work, that in both cases centre on questions of public art practice and issues of public representation. This may take the form of a renovation of the existing events space provided on the lower level of the New Gallery, it may also involve new excavated or elevated structures within Khartoum Place itself, or it may be a temporary performance/installation work.

In all cases a poetically conceived, highly detailed, and materially explicate urban space renovation that facilitates diverse public voice, and which addresses the issues implicate to the Suffragette Centenary Memorial, are required.

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