Spatial Design at AUT

School of Art + Design, AUT University, Auckland, NZ

Participatory Spaces. Performance Studio Brief, 2011

Performance Strand, Brent Harris

Participation and interactivity have become prominent ideas in contemporary arts and design practices. In this studio project we will inventively question concepts of participation through the design and enactment of aural-body-language events.

Aural as; accents, rhythms, timbres, punctuations, phrasing, volumes, vibrations, emanation, repeats

Bodies as; gathering, dispersing, moving through, resting, contained, containing, swarming

Languages as; gestural, Russian, Korean…, as sets of rules, codes, ‘foreign’, translated, sonority, non-sense

Event as; duration, process, change, unfolding

Collaboratively design and enact a performance environment which makes uncertain both your own participation in this environment, and the participation of your visitors. Design and enact this environment as an ethical question. Make this space of questioning a process that unfolds over a duration. You will be working in compositional processes involving different media including but not limited to; speaking, body movement, drawing and scripting.

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