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Welcome Back 2011

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the start of a new year in Spatial Design!  Whether you’re returning or joining us for the first time, we hope you’ve all had a fantastic summer and are ready for what will be an action-packed and we think really enjoyable semester. Staff have been working hard getting things ready for your arrival and we’ve made a few changes which you can read about below.


First Meeting – Friday 25 February at 10am

In a change from last year, we’ll be meeting on the Friday before Week 1 to choose Studio classes and to get you set up for course work that starts in the following week.  Please make your way to WA 220 by 10am.  If you’re new to Spatial follow this link for a map.

It’s important that you all attend the meeting so that you get into the Studio Unit you want.  Similarly, if you’re a Year 1 student we’ll be giving you important information about the course and getting started in Studio.  All Year 2 & 3 students should check AUT Online beforehand to view the Studio Unit options for the semester.  Staff will discuss these in more detail in the meeting and once you’re made your choice you’re be able to head off for lunch.


Spatial Design Blog Site

Spatial Design Facebook Site

Spatial Design has it’s very own blog and facebook site.  We’ll be posting all the upcoming events on it and recording interesting things as they happen in the Department, along with useful links.  Check it out and let us know if you’d like to post on it.


Undergraduate Staff Contacts

If you are in Year 1, your Year Leader is here to help you with any issues, questions you might have.

* Year 1 Leader – Rafik Patel: WW501, ext 8073


This year we have introduced strand leaders in place of year leaders in Year 2 and Year 3.  Your strand leaders are here to help with any particular issues you may have with planning your pathway through your degree.

* Strand Leader (Interiors) – Carl Douglas: WW 405, ext 6254,

* Strand Leader (Urban) –  Andrew Douglas: WW 304, ext 6255,

* Strand Leader (Performance) –  Albert Refiti: WW 505, ext 8362,


For any enrolment issues please contact our Programme Administrator.

* Programme Administrator – Trish Scott: WE 628, ext 8388


If you are in Year 2 or 3 for any other issues or particular problems you might have please feel free to contact our Programme Leader or Head of Department.

* Programme Leader –  Fleur Palmer: WW 501, ext 8363,

* Head of Department –  Elvon Young:


OK, so that’s it for now.  In the meantime enjoy what’s left of the break and we’ll see you all very shortly.

Best regards,


Elvon Young

Head of Department – Spatial Design