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Apply for the Master of Design 2017 now!

We’re taking applications for the Master of Design in Spatial Design for 2017 now. There are part-time options, interdisciplinary opportunities, industry-linked possibilities, and you can choose to start in Semester 1 or Semester 2.

Master of Design: SNAPSHOT
Level 9 / 180 points (60 points coursework + 120 point thesis, or 90 points coursework and 90 point research report)
Duration: Three semesters

Semester 1, 2017:

Paper 1: Research Methods [15 points] prerequisite for all students
Paper 2: Design Contextual Review [15 points] / 6 weeks: recommended
Paper 3: Design Studio 1 [15 points] / 6 weeks: recommended for Spatial. Teaching staff: Sue Hedges, Sue Jowsey, Mandy Smith. [tbc]
Paper 4: Design Studio 2 [15 points] / 6 weeks: recommended for Spatial.
Teaching staff: Sue Gallagher, Sue Jowsey, Linda Jones. [tbc]

Semester 2, 2017 and Semester 1, 2018:

Working with your Supervisor & completing the following paper:
Thesis (90 or 120 points)

More information on the Master of Design here.

Bachelor of Design Honours: SNAPSHOT
Level 8 / 120 points (30 points coursework and 90 point dissertation)
Duration: Two semesters

Semester 1, 2017

Working with your Supervisor & completing the following papers:
Paper 1: Research Methods [15 points]
Paper 2: Design Contextual Review [15 points]
Dissertation (90 points)

Semester 2, 2017
Working with your Supervisor & completing the following paper:
Dissertation (90 points)

More information on the Bachelor of Design Honours here.

Studio in Action

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 13.38.11

In 2011, our first-year students worked on a site at North Head, exploring the atmospheric, historic, geological, and tectonic nature of the site through a series of plaster castings. Here’s a video of the studio in action!

Year 4 Honours Application Workshop

Whether you’ve already spoken to a supervisor or are still weighing up your fourth-year options, come along to the Honours Application Workshop on Tuesday 4 November, 10am—12 noon. Supervisors will be talking about their research and the kind of projects they’re interested in supervising. There are projects available for your to take up, or you can define your project. We’ll also spend some time working on the PGR1 proposal form you need to fill out as part of your application.

Objects by Atelier Jones


Atelier Jones (AUT Spatial graduate Raimana Jones) is exhibiting a set of cast architectural objects in the Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG), from 6pm Fri 25 — 4pm Sun 27 September, as part of Architecture Week. Check them out!

Auckland Hospital Level 4 Redesign

Spatial students working with AUT’s DHW-LAB:

Design for Health and Wellbeing Lab

A significant part of the DHW Lab, is providing students with real projects to work on in the hospital context.  Third year student Hana Stay from AUT spatial design has been working with the performance improvement team to develop there office area on Level 4 of the support building. Take a look at some of the images of her work below, and stay tuned for how this project develops going forward…

HANA renders


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Symposium: The Artefactual Image. Fragments, Folds and Futures


Friday  25 July, 2014. AUT University, Sir Paul Reeves Building (WG308).

You are invited to join us for the The Artefactual Image: Fragments, Folds and Futures Symposium on 25 July 2014! A brochure with the full programme is attached. For catering purposes, please RVSP to by 22 July 2014.

This symposium brings together media theorists and creative practitioners to consider still and moving images as material artefacts, through which historical, cultural and technological processes become visible, or are obscured. Read the rest of this entry »

Interstices Symposium “Moved: Of Atmospheres and Affects”


2013 Interstices Under Construction Symposium – “Moved: Of Atmospheres and Affects”
AUT University  and The University of Auckland, Auckland November 22 to 24, 2013.

Keynote Speaker: Professor emeritus Gernot Böhme (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)

Considerations of feeling, intensity, affect and immanent experience have gained importance across a range of disciplinary areas over past decades and, in architecture and related art and design fields, the notion of atmospheres has recently become important. For Peter Zumthor, atmosphere is the means by which emotional sensibility is registered, and which offers orientation faster than any critical faculty. Designers and theorists as diverse as Olafur Eliasson, James Turrell, Jean-Gilles Decosterd & Philippe Rahm, Herzog & de Meuron, Diller & Scofidio, Juhani Pallasmaa and Tim Ingold find common reference in the thinking of German philosopher Gernot Böhme.

For Böhme, atmospheres – moods and affects in their spatial situations – are the primary reality aesthetics (understood as aesthesis, a general theory of perception) has to deal with. Atmosphere demands a co-presence of perceiver and perceived that engulfs the terms of any subject/object division as well as the longstanding bifurcation of physis and techné,  nature and technology. The concept also calls for a revision of what mediation as perception entails. A double movement in modernity’s technological civilization leads, on the one hand, to affective immersions in gloom, indifference or saccharine buoyance, as well as active engineering of one’s own interior atmosphere in which abundant images nurture an otherwise truncated emotionality. However, these affectively calibrated environments are inseparable from an “invasive technification” and externalization of social constraint predicated on rational, unemotional deportment.

The symposium will address questions such as, what are the roles of emotion and imagination and the immersion in affective states? What is the role, politically, culturally, creatively, of felt or non-conscious states and excesses of affect in the context of late capital? What does being moved mean historically and in contemporary senses for thinking design practices spanning cities, architecture, scenography, interiors, objects?

Moved: Of Atmospheres and Affects is jointly organised by the School of Art and Design, AUT University and the School of Architecture and Planning, The University of Auckland.

Interstices: Journal of Architecture and Related Arts

GI_Logo_horizontal_green_sRGBAUT%20Art&Design_Black%20and%20White NICAI%20Logo%20BW%20HorINT15_logo_v03

Conference Convenors: Andrew Douglas, Ross Jenner and Tina Engels-Schwarzpaul

The University of Auckland (NICAI Conference Centre, 22 Symonds St) and AUT (Sir Paul Reeves Building, Governor Fitzroy Place) Auckland, New Zealand.

Register HERE.

Joseph Becker Lecture on Lebbeus Woods

JosephBeckerLecture.Auckland JosephBeckerLecture.Auckland


Joseph Becker, Assistant Curator of Architecture and Design at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is giving a lecture next Thursday (8 Aug) at the Auckland Art Gallery on the work of the late conceptual architect Lebbeus Woods.